Crisis Engineering


cri·sis en·gi·neer·ing

The design, development and leveraging of deliberately created crisis-level situations.

While helping clients prevent or respond to crises is our core business, sometimes we are called upon to engineer a crisis on a client’s behalf. What does this mean? These examples will illustrate:


When someone wrongly accused of a crime is being railroaded by law enforcement – either the police or prosecutors — we can stir up support in the court of public opinion. We can cause those driving the train to stop and think, “Hmmm….maybe we’re not going about this case the right way!”

When activists with the facts on their side and a willingness to invest in change want to take their case public, we can make it happen in a way that will grab headlines and build widespread support.

Attorneys aren’t allowed to influence the jury pool or jurists, but they are allowed to actively educate the public—and that’s when they call on us. We can turn cases from low-profile into high-profile.

If you want to use the mainstream media, social media, and modern communications to go on the offensive (we call it ‘making the stuff hit the fan’) – we have the experience, the expertise, and team to make it happen. Anyone can claim that they can “make waves,” but decades-long experience in managing crises has given us a unique understanding of what creates a crisis.