Crisis Litigation Consulting


“Attorneys are finding it increasingly useful to employ crisis/issues management public relations consultants when litigation is, or may be, involved with a case. Clients, too, favor a team approach that embraces important complementary disciplines.”

Lawyers do battle in courts of law. Crisis Management Center does battle in the court of public opinion, whether the publics are internal or external. These parallel conflicts are won more frequently when the forces work in a coordinated manner.


Crisis Management Center, usually subcontracted to the legal team, participates in:


Evaluation and analysis of public relations liability and damages exposure that could result from the litigation in question.

Evaluation and analysis of public relations defenses and/or any proactive tactics that may be employed.

Helping to anticipate jury and jury pool reaction to witnesses, experts and demonstrative evidence, as well as the case in general.

Analyzing the ability of parties on either side of litigation to effectively respond to the public relations demands of the case and recommending improvements to our client’s response systems.

Review of draft legal documents that may end up in the public record, with an eye toward identifying verbiage that could be harmful from a public relations perspective.

For plaintiff’s counsel, helping to intentionally generate more public attention for a legal matter.