Human Factors in Crisis Management


People are emotional beings and to overlook how that variable impacts a crisis is risky because it can potentially unravel the whole process. Bernstein Crisis Management believes that an important piece in managing a crisis includes attending to the emotional reactions that influence the outcome… one’s own as well as those of others involved.


Human Factors Training:


Equips you with the tools and the confidence to maintain your decorum and tolerance while presenting a professional response when your reputation is on the line.

Will provide people with new strategies for ‘de-escalating’ themselves and others in order to prevent an interaction from spinning out of control.

Offers you techniques to manage the accompanying stress and volatile emotions that can undermine your response and keep you stuck during a crisis.

Incorporates experiential learning through practice and rehearsal using relevant role play scenarios.

Presented and facilitated by Steven Degelsmith, Ph.D., an organizational psychologist and human behavior specialist who has worked for over 25 years in companies providing emotional support and interpersonal training programs.